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Why does my boyfriend act like this?

My boyfriend didn't want to put on his social media that he's in a relationship. He came up with two different reasons why he didn't want to. He says he doesn't care about social media but I see that he's on it sometimes. Why wouldn't he want to change his status from single to in a relationship?

Why does my boyfriend act like this?

Try not to push this issue too much because quite frankly guys are not interested in advertising something like being in a relationship. He has already told you that he’s not on social media that much so he doesn’t put much respect in what’s going on there. The most important thing is how he acts with you and in front of other people. If that is not respectful and he does not acknowledge you in front of other people or his family or his friends then that’s another issue. And that would be worthy of you being concerned about. But this social media stuff is just not interesting to him- so let it go

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