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Won’t be allowed into my fathers life without providing a DNA test

My Dad, who raised me for 18 years will not allow me into his or my little (half) brother’s life again after I made an anonymous post about my stepmother on a social media platflorm, unless I give my Dad a DNA test to invalidate/validate his paternity. He’s been married for nearly 10 years and he still has some lingering feelings of resentment towards my mom. This situation is heartbreaking for me. Should I humor his DNA test idea? Should I give up on him?

Won’t be allowed into my fathers life without providing a DNA test

This is very odd. Have you asked him why he’s insisting on a DNA from you? Are you afraid results will change the relationship between you and him? It sounds like it really caused a family crisis with this anonymous post that you made. Do you have ill feelings towards his new wife? If you want to have a relationship with your father then you are going to have to come to terms with His feelings, too. Sounds like in his hurt and anger about what you did , those feelings came out sideways into perhaps questioning your DNA. That is so sad and I hope that you two can get past this foolishness and try to put this relationship back together again. It will take the two of you to do that and may need help from a professional counselor to help you do that. Sounds like there are a lot of issues that need to be sorted out between you two.

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