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Complicated relationships

I met this man in my class 2 years ago and we became good friends. As we opened up to one another, he began to flirt and showed more of his emotions with me. Last year, I found out that he had been dating a girl for the past 5 years, while he was talking to me. Although we were still friends at the time, I had developed feelings for him and he also showed me that he had feelings for me. I recall, he even asked me if he could bring me a ring or if it was too soon, and I hesitated because I was so unsure. When I found out that he was dating another girl for 5 years, I was obviously heart broken and I blocked him. He tried reaching out to my sister however my sister said she didn't want to get involved. Anyways, so he hit me back up in September, asking to meet me and apologizing profusely for messing up. I told him I need time because I can't even look at him right now however I don't know what to do. I know we have good chemistry but I am not ready to give him another chance and make myself look stupid if he is still playing games. On the other hand, he is wanting to introduce me to his sister and his family, something he didn't bring up before. I honestly don't know how to proceed in this situation.

Complicated relationships

He wouldn't apologize, unless he knew he'd done something wrong. It wouldn't matter if it was 5 years or 5 months, he can't/couldn't commit to you while the other woman is/was in the picture. If you're not ready to meet him, then block him completely, so you have the power to make decisions for you without him influencing them. He can't expect you to drop everything for him because he wants to come back into your life, regardless of the past chemistry. It's a waste of time being introduced to his family unless you can trust him completely.

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