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My female supervisor keeps putting her hands on me and asked to dance

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Legal advice I've never had a female boss before and worked for my family until our business closed, so this is something new to me what she's doing at work.
I don't know if it's harassment, her being friendly or she's wanting something more and I'm very confused about it and haven't laid a finger on her.

I'm male and in my ninth week at a new job in a warehouse and within the first week my female boss and i started talking about how we both use to work at the same company at different times and how working at this new company was a refreshing and relaxed change and while we were talking, she started rubbing the middle of my back straight up and down with her hand and that's the day that it started.

After that she has come up from behind me 3 different times and put both her hands around my neck for making a data entry mistake, patted me on the back as she walked by me, and started bumping her hand on my thigh to talk to me.

She's asked me to dance with her in the warehouse in front of coworkers and even asked if i was going to whip her one day when my belt broke loose while putting boxes on a skid for inventory.
She's also made more innuendo comments more than once.

My female supervisor keeps putting her hands on me and asked to dance

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yeah, it's harassment especially when she's your boss and if she was totally professional, she wouldn't need to touch you at all. Your boss is disrespecting you in more ways than one and she is basically betraying herself and the company which employs her. You can ask her not to touch you and explain to her that her actions are confusing and offending you and that could backfire in your face in the most obvious way. After 9 weeks, there's sure to be whispers about what's happening.

Sure, your company may have a HR Dept, and if so, it's your right to go to them, but it'll be your word against your boss's and things could get complicated unless others (workplace/union rep?) back you up. Depending on the size of the company you work for, you could ask for a transfer to another section but if not, unfortunately, the only other way is to look for another job where workplace respect is mutual and valued.

My female supervisor keeps putting her hands on me and asked to dance

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They only have a little over 100 people there and they do have other departments but, the building is not really big enough to always avoid my supervisor.
They only have 1st and 2nd shift also and the shifts overlap each other a lot because of overtime being mandatory a lot of times.

The only time I've seen any H.R. people was at orientation and some of them have dual roles as H.R. people and as managers of operations in product inventory.

Yep, Looks like it's time to look for another job, Thank You for the advice and your time, I appreciate it.

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