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This is so annoying

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Relationship advice I dated this guy off and on a year ago. We were very toxic and long story short it never worked because A-he took my best friend's virginity prior to us dating but he loved her B-he said I assume the worst or C-he pressured me into things and my parents hate him. Now it's been a while and I saw him. We spent a few hours together one night, but nothing happened really. He acted as he loved me. Well we live in different cities now and since seeing him he hardly speaks to me but I never lost feelings for him and I'm deeply attached to him, but he makes no effort to talk to me. I want nothing more than to be with him and just be happy because I know we can be together, but it seems like that's not what he wants. Now I know I should just move on because I know my worth and I'm better than this but I love him so much and I don't want to lose him- I want him in my life even if it is as someone who makes no effort over text but in person is everything I want, but I want a real relationship and I haven't been able to be in any due to the fact that my heart still belongs to him. I don't know what to do.

This is so annoying

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There are two kinds of people in our life, those who deserve our time and enery and those who don't. Because, you won't gain a good thing by having him in your life and crushing hard on him it's really bad for you.

He can be in your life but what's even the point? He won't be your friend.. he won't be there for you.. he will always be just a memory..

Delete his number and his stuff and move on. No it isn't easy. But toxic relationships will just ruin your life.

This is so annoying

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I have learned when giving advice to people who humble their self to ask... The last thing they want to hear is negativities....listening to your story, you sound like a person who loves love... everything about it you love... but the most negative thing I’m gonna say and this sucks.... all of us of been in the situation.... you love someone and they just don’t love you back....and that bad!
I am going to ask you 3 questions and you do all the answering to yourself:

Who do you love most in the world?
Now thinking of this question, Ask yourself....who is The person you can turn to when you’re in trouble, who is The person who loves you more than their self, who is The person who would do anything for you with no questions asked

Now usually when I ask someone else this question...they answer: their mother or their father
If that was your answer...then my next question is:
Let’s say your mother or your father was alone, not married... due to divorce, death of spouse etc...
Would you fix them up with this person?
If you wouldn’t....why?
If your answer is because they are not good enough for your mother or father....then I ask you...what makes you less special?

Darlin you be the person your parents see through their eyes....and that is perfection...and that is who you need to look for...because that boy is not looking for perfection...he is looking for ordinary
Good luck and great love!!!❤️

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