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Is it a form of cheating or not?

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Relationship advice
Would you consider it emotional or a form of cheating when a man starts a relationship with you while still having feelings for his ex-girlfriend? In addition, he comments with hearts and flames on his female friends Instagram pictures which are very sexual, meaning showing their naked butts and naked breasts. He would never leave a comment under his girlfriends pictures which are non-sexual. He would also delete all their text messages between them on his phone. Please tell me what you think!

Is it a form of cheating or not?

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The guy comes across as a player and you need to ask yourself if you need to involved with him at all, regardless if he still has feelings for his ex. All of his actions play havoc with your emotions, so why bother with him. Ask yourself what sort of a guy do you need to be with and then stack this guy up against those standards and compare them.

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