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In need of truthful advice (red pills welcome)

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Relationship advice (Here goes...) - I'm 31, I'll be 32 next March. I grew up in Los Angeles, where my aspirations were akin to today's youth who aspire to YouTube Fame. My dream of being an entertainer failed at age 25/26, after experiencing a traumatic event in the industry that left me confused and lost. Luckily, I managed to obtain a Bachelor's Degree while I was in Hollywood.

In survival mode, I sought a job related to my degree, hated it and went back to school without giving my Master's any thought. I realize now, that was my way of compensating for failure and that I just wanted to impress those that I had let down. This belief and motive led me to stay in a junior role, because I took the easy road in a Master's program that had no foundational courses in business. This led to another downfall and 5 hard years in an industry, while trying to "wing it."

In my late 20s I almost married my best friend. It didn't work out, which led to serious self-esteem issues for me afterwards because I'm officially past my prime. I was never concerned with a family or husband and now I feel the itch and wish I had married in my early 20s, while I was still "youthful and attractive." Currently, I'm in tons of debt, secretly unskilled in my profession and about to be 32. Should I give up on the idea of marriage and return to school so I can stop being an imposter OR change careers, pay off the debt and try for a family?

In need of truthful advice (red pills welcome)

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In situations like yours, it's best to be true to yourself and follow your gut instinct. Your 10 years past is what you need to use to help you shape your future and you need to realize that none of us need to run after others to prove that we matter. You may be 'past your prime' in your industry/environment but you're still only young and a 'puppy' when it comes to life and you need to grab it by the balls and go and do what you need to do to be happy. The very best of luck to you as you open the next door.

In need of truthful advice (red pills welcome)

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What do you want most? Which opportunities will you be saddest if you miss out on?

The truth is, there are no guarantees in life. You could return to school, get in a lot of debt, and not find this new career you want. Alternately, you could find the love of your life in school and excel.

Same for the family. You could try to find someone (not sure how this is incompatible with school). You could give up on the someone and try to have kids on your own. You could switch careers without the additional school.

I think you're looking at these as either/ors rather than "there are a lot of different things that are good and bad about each issue".

Let's look at school...

What are the advantages of going back? (Probably gaining skills which will help you do...what?)

What are the disadvantages? (Probably more debt + having several more years not working/earning an income/gaining experience that way)

What about finding a new career? What career are you moving to and from? What are the advantages of making a change? (More money? More flexibility? Satisfaction?) What are the disadvantages? (Learning something new, needing to acquire new skills...something else?)

Part time programs may also be an option, depending on what you're trying to do. And you can date whether you're a student or not.

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