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Just need some opinions please

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Over the last year my husband has started drinking more, and at a local strip club.
I do not normally have an issue with strip clubs, but do not want my husband to be a regular.

I have asked him repeatedly not to go there, but he continues, claiming it is "just another bar" to him and I have no reason to worry.

Is it wrong for me to make a deal out of this?

I am considering giving him an altamatum.

Just need some opinions please

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A few thoughts...

You kind of gloss over "drinking more" but what does that mean? Having a drink a night...fine. Coming home drunk every night...whole 'nother ball game.

Also, what are the issues with the strip club in particular? Is it taking time from you that you'd rather spend with him? Is it that he's wasting too much money there? Something else?

Especially as you don't seem to have an issue with strip clubs (in general) and more with the frequency, it might be worth focusing on the particular issue. (Which I think he might be more responsive too. If I was told, "Nah, I don't have a problem with you doing that...only now I do!" I'd be like, "What is wrong with you?" But if it's phrased more as, "I'm uncomfortable only seeing you twice a week before 11 pm and you spending the grocery money on tips for Diamante", it makes sense because suddenly it's a logical problem.)

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