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Advice on being honest about being homeschooled?

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I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. Over the last few months I've started making some online friends (was getting desperate with quarantine). I (16F) have gotten really close with this one guy (17M) and we both like each other. We're not dating (I wasn't comfortable with the idea of an online relationship), but we text for hours every day, gm/gn texts, and voice call weekly.

My parents have no idea about this, and I highly doubt they would be okay with me dating at all. So that's a bit stressful, having to hide this from my parents. On top of this, I haven't mentioned to the guy that I'm pretty much homeschooled, because to me that's embarrassing. I do online classes and have an "umbrella school" that I do clubs with. But I don't have class all day, and I hate feeling like I have to hide that. I'm mostly just embarrassed because homeschooled kids are known for being socially awkward and I don't want any mess ups of mine to be attributed to that. Or any movies etc. that I haven't watched, to be attributed to me being put of the loop as a homeschooled kid.

Essentially, not being able to be completely honest with anyone about this situation has me low-key stressed at all times. It's affecting my appetite, and it's a bit harder to keep my weight now. Should I just say my school does things a bit differently, which is completely true (I don't want to go into a boring, in depth explanation anyway)? And be honest about my daily schedule? Since that comes up in planning calls etc. I think I'm really overthinking how much it matters, to be honest. I also just needed to talk to somebody about this silly situation, so if you read this, thank you.

Advice on being honest about being homeschooled?

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The advice I can give you, is useful for all aspects of life. I have found that honesty and openness are best. For 3 big reasons. 1, if you are honest and open people will know exactly where you are coming from and have an easier time understanding who you are as a person. 2, with honesty you never have to worry about remembering lies. And 3, if you are honest and open, you are being true to who you are. It is easier to disappoint a few while being able to live with yourself. There is also a certain amount of pride that can be felt, in being an honest person.

Advice on being honest about being homeschooled?

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Being homeschooled is cool. You are growing the gardens of your mind with great care and focus. The world is such a mess. The only way to fix something is to believe in how it should be. Have you seen the movie MOTHER with HILARY SWANK? Its about how we each have our own individual paths and our parents are meant to nurture us to be the best we can be. The people around us don't always have the same kind of nurturing and care, attention. Our minds are all built uniquely based on our experiences. Everyone is managing different things. You have been given less to manage so that you are free to grow truth in your mind and build a future that will make you a valuable member of society... so that you can make a positive difference in the world.

Parents often forget the importance of PROTECTION, protection that is not just control but protection that teaches us how to manage the world for ourselves. We can't ignore what will find its way on our path whether we welcome it or not. That is life.

Our teenage years are for building. It is a wonderful time to explore life and have different experiences without the burden of responsibilities.

There are forces of energy that want to derail us. It's an important time to program your mind and will to what is important to you. Just like anything in life practice makes next to perfect. What we practice becomes habit, you want to create automatic pilots for yourself so that you can provide yourself with more freedom.

Most people in the world are scrambling trying to get through their days because their minds are not prepared for life, they didn’t build their tracks defining what they need.

You want to build train tracks so that you can be free to pursue your dreams. You want to be able to live like an eagle and less like a mouse. The difference comes from perspectives and realizations that take time to collect and build.

Right now you are fully equipped and free to do whatever you want to do.

What are your dreams? What is your purpose? The world has so many causes to be a part of. What do you want to be a soldier for? What do you believe in? What do you want to fight for? Look at the people around us and the lives that they live. When I say the lives that they live I mean how do they feel about themselves and what is their role in life? What are they experiencing? What is their impact on life? I often think of how wonderful AMAL CLOONEY is and her dedication to human rights. I often think of JANE GOODALL and her dedication and passion towards wildlife. I often think of all of the artists that work to bring the truths that we need to believe in to be free. What means something to you? What do you want to wake up doing and fall asleep doing because it means something to you?

The world is at war and its an energy war. Negative energy is disconnecting life, and peoples energy can be manipulative. My passion is to fight for light, positive energy, truth. I want truth to grow. Everything else, having a partner, my choices throughout the day.. aren’t as important as my mission.

What is your mission in life?

Up to now you have been told what to do every day, your mind has been built to believe in important truths, training your mind to be able to identify truth on your way throughout life. But that will only hold true if you believe that is true. If you feel restricted and controlled, those feelings will grow and you will lead your life in reaction to those feelings.

I hear Janet Jackson singing ‘Oh no it seems to go that you don’t know what you got till its gone’. In time you will face restrictions due to health, accidents, finances, …. finish this sentence so that YOU BELIEVE it is true.

What do we need to know to support our life?

If I take the time to understand nutrition, what vitamins I need, what recipes I love that help me get in all of the nutrients I need, etc. then I will be equipped with the knowledge I need for my entire life. I will never be frustrated trying to figure out what to eat. Our lives would be healthier and stronger, we will avoid illness and disease because we have the knowledge we need in practice.

What other things do we need to know to support our life? The more you have on automatic pilot the more time and focus you can spend on your mission and enjoying your life.

What art can you connect to that will help you build the perspectives you need to support your future?
From Dawsons Creek to Golden Girls, Carebears to Transformers, there are so many films created to help you along your journey. See truth. Believe in truth. Collect truth. Film is extremely important.

Perspective changes everything, our emotions get us stuck.

Love THE IDEA of a boy right now, more than him. Because he himself is building and not built. Boys are are just as lost subject to their emotions as we are. Grow together.

What is FRIENDSHIP? As I asked you this question you have very little to respond with. But if you take your time to collect your answers you will have a firm idea to believe in. This is how we build security within ourselves. There are all kinds of ideas that you need to build.

There is no reason why you can’t play a definition game with your friends. Even online you can exchange PAINT program creations. It’s a wonderful way to share insights with your friends and grow together.

Think about your teacher asking you to create a poster based on one idea at a time…


This list is limitless.
Build your will having fun with art!!
Its fun, its never a waste of time because you are building and defining your truths, you are also growing and inspiring one another. If you don’t stay friends you will never lose what you built.

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