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Finally moving on... any advice?

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So back in school way before covid I started talking to this guy I had a crush on. Eventually we both had a crush on eachother and would text on snapchat or call almost everyday after school. We didn't ever end up officially dating because it was still too early for all of that.

But when school shut down in March and everything was online he stopped talking to me completely. I still tried talking to him but he wouldn't reply so I just gave up. But in September on the 2nd day of school I asked how his first day went and he finally replied to me.

So after he replied that I would just ask small questions to see if he would still answer and he would.

But whenever I asked why he stopped talking he would leave me on read and act like I never even asked. So I stopped asking and saved the question for later.

One day we're talking on the phone so I ask him and this time he finally answers, he said he was busy with "birthday parties"... which obviously makes no sense because it had been like 5 months.

So I asked him again that same day and he said that he stopped talking to everyone except a few friends he played games with just because he felt like it.

Anyways I've noticed he's slowly starting to ignore me again so I just wanna stop the whole thing because I don't see anything coming out of this again and I don't wanna come off as annoying by continuing to text him.

Sorry that was so much to read but any advice??

Finally moving on... any advice?

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To me, it sounds like he Just Isn't That Into You.

He may have been at first, but things change. Maybe he's no longer feeling it (that happens). Maybe it was fun when you were around and things were new and shiny and they're not any more. This year has been a lot for most of us.

I'd probably follow his lead and stop texting him. Let him text if he wants to talk and let it be a happy surprise when he does so. (Rather than feel frustrated that you're putting a ton of work into things and not getting anything back.)

Finally moving on... any advice?

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:-) (A)

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