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Refusing a dress from a co-worker

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My co-worker is now considered senior citizen, (60yrs. old). Suddenly she tapped me and told me she bought a dress online that might fit my size. And she wanted me to check it out for the next day and that she will bring it. Well, i know that she wanted me to buy it, but that's not how I buy my dresses. What i usually do is go to the mall and do canvass until i get the perfect dress that i wanted. I really invest on my dresses contrary to my usual outfit inside the office that may be the reason why she's thinking that i will buy the dress instantly because it's not expensive and i look like i dont buy expensive ones. That online shop that she is talking about offers cheaper prices but the quality is just

Refusing a dress from a co-worker

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There's no harm in checking out the dress. Maybe you'll like it. You can always say that you're not interested later.

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