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Can’t read this new girlfriends head

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Hi I have seen this new date 3 times in 1 month , firstly I really like her , she seems sincere genuine kind etc softly spoken , she’s very likeable by friends family . She’s going threw upsetting time with her brother in hospital, so I’m taking a step back but I’m there for her if she needs to chat , she felt down and had two really dreary days so I took her bunch of flowers and chocolates , left them at her door . She phoned me up to say don’t do that again and that she doesn’t love me , I replied in saying I don’t love her I just wanted to try cheer her up with a wee gift and to brighten her day, she says she wants to take things slow , but then she has or her daughter invited me to go for a family meal ...her daughter son and there halves , we have kissed passionately twice so there is definitely chemistry there , so I’m confused.... she wants to take it slow , no gifts, but introduces me to family rather quick .... do you think her off spring are checking me out all answers appreciated, thank you for reading

Can’t read this new girlfriends head

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Not knowing what she's going through or how she feels, I would say just follow her lead for now. Unless something is unacceptable, there is no reason to worry yet.

If you guys are casually dating, you may not be exclusive. Could be she doesn't want you around the house in case another guy or even her children's dad shows up.

Can’t read this new girlfriends head

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Everyone has to make up their own mind so that they can feel secure with their choices.

'Make up their mind' That means to have the thoughts, make the connections, go from 'I think' to 'I know' to 'I believe'.

It takes time. But those that actively seek security in this way make decisions that they don't often regret.

Are YOU sure that she is the one? Have you made up your mind? Or are you looking at her with limited perspectives and lots of hopes.

Every single person can be in one direction one day and head in another direction the next day. We have to BUILD tracks to get to where we want to go.

A healthy, happy, free, peaceful relationship is what most people want, but without defining that that is what we want, we don't get there.

Thoughts, words, actions, experiences have to connect.

What is in a cup doesn't stay in a cup unless we keep putting the same things in it. The world makes that very difficult to do.

Can’t read this new girlfriends head

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Seeing someone three times in 30 days is not enough for anyone to determine how they feel about each other. So that says that you are moving way too fast.

Right now you have a crush on her so keep it in your mind and to yourself. She might be feeling a little rushed.

Just be a friend right now. Meeting somebody’s family for a meal does not mean that you are anything or special, it’s just that you are a friend.

Let her be the pursuer. In the meantime date others and get a chance to have a lot of different experiences. In this way you can start to learn how to read the female mind. It’s very complicated but fascinating.

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