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Lost. No real friends and very lonely at the moment

Hi, Firstly, I’m 21 just graduated from university working a part time job living at home with my parents. Not really sure how else to start this but here goes. For the last year or so, I’ve been really lonely, very few interactions with others outside my small family. Spend near enough most evenings on my own. I have had times with my friends but for the most part we don’t talk outside of the one yearly meet up with us all going to other universities. I’ve always thought I have had friends but over the last year its felt like everyone I did have has gone on to find their own mates and whenever I try and start a conversation with one it fades out quick with usually me being ignored after asking a question. I’ve never had a girlfriend either, was never too fussed if I’m honest when I was younger. My plan was always to try my best in college and university and get the best grades possibly which I have achieved to a sense that I was incredibly proud of. Now, I just don’t know where to start to get into dating or relationships and the pandemic doesn’t help. Dating sites feel useless as I have no current pictures of me where I’m in a group of friends and don’t want to come across as a complete weirdo. I do enjoy my job at the moment which has kept these worries at bay for a while but now during times of holidays it reminds me how lonely I truly am. Just looking for someone to talk to/receive advice from in how to go forward. Sounds stupid but feels like I kinda have forgot how to make friends at times where it leads to something outside our common meet. I did join a football team where I get on with quite a few, but nothing that has seen me build something more than just general talk as we play and meeting outside of it. The stop start of tiers and lockdowns in the UK definitely doesn’t help. If you reached this far, thank you for taking the time to read this much! Never done a post like this before so not exactly sure what I wanted to say but any advice or just a chat would be great! Thanks

Lost. No real friends and very lonely at the moment

It is a tough time for everybody this year. With all the covid nonsense, social distancing, and just generally avoiding folks. All I can say, is that it should get better. Things should eventually return to normal, and it will become easier to socialize. Talk to your family about your concerns, and possibly a therapist if it is really starting to bother you.

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