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No contact / space

Ive been with someone for 4 months. Weve shared some amazing experiences and I felt we had something very special despite us being very different and being long distance (2 hours but we saw each other twice a week) and having the restrictions of the pandemic to contend with. We had talked about the future and i was going to start spending more time at his home qhich i was happy about. We started to have small arguments a few weeks ago and he broke up with me on boxing day. I was heart broken and I asked him to take some time to think on things as it seemed like a rash decision. He told me he was 100% on his decision but a few days later he's said he does miss things about our relationship and admitted he loved me (although he said the arguments ate away at his feelings). He suggested we go with my original suggestion to take a month out to ourselves and then talk. Hes said hr has no interest in dating others at the moment. i can't speculate what will happen.i dont know is this is his way of letting me go gently or whether there is hope.

No contact / space

It depends on what the arguments were about and how they ate away at your BF's feelings, that will determine whether he's gone for good or otherwise. If he's genuine and he's admitted he missing you and loves you but still needs time out, then those little arguments could be the key. 4 months is pretty early days and you guys would just be starting to get to know each other properly, even with distance and the restrictions making it difficult. As you suggested, you need to give him time and space and then ensure that you do take the time to talk it through with him. You need to determine if you guys share values and standards together and that your goals in life are connected and relevant.

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