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Relationship advice ive been with my gf for almost 2 years. the first 7-8 months of our relationship we spent apart because i was deployed in iraq, during which we fought a lot because of the distance. when i returned it was great for a few months til i learned she was still in love with her previous love, whom she tried to leave me with also. we seperated a while later and got back together, during which she slept with her first sex partner because she thought i was sleeping with a girl i met. it was tough being together and we fought almost everyday because i lost desire for sex and she wanted it everyday. again we broke up and during that time she had sex with two other guys to "forget me", i tried to get over it and got back together but desire for sex was even less now and we still fought about it everyday. i seeked attention from another girl who i never met just because i felt horrible in my relationship, she found out and we fought and later when my ex randomly texted me after a yr of not talking and having hid that from my gf, my gf broke up with me and that night had sex with a guy from before again. now we're struggling to get together and i just dont know whether our relationship is even salvagable. she thinks its not as bad because we were officially broken up but its difficult having sex with her and coping with the fact that since she met me and supposedly loved me, shes slept with 3 different guys. i just dont know what to do anymore.

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