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Confused dating advice

I have been dating this guy I met 5 months ago online. We really hit it off and got along so well in person. Our sexual, physical and emotional chemistry is unlike any other guy I have dated before. There is a few set backs that I have with him first he has a kid that he never mentioned until I saw a picture on his phone. His kid is in another state and he only visits him every month or two. Second, he doesn’t make the effort he used to make. He will verbalize his interest in me but doesn’t back it up with actions. We were supposed to hang out recently (which he planned) and then cancelled an hour and a half before saying he wasn’t feeling good. He apologized and I said let’s hang out another day soon but he never responded to that. Should I take it as a sign that this guy isn’t that interested anymore? I don’t know how to go about this. I want to continue seeing him but don’t want to be that clingy super available person. This isn’t the first time he flaked either, he has flaked on multiple occasions and will say he wants to do something when we’re hanging out and will never follow through with it. Help :/

Confused dating advice

Look at his actions, rather than his words. If you don't want to be that super clingy available person, then don't be. Start dating someone who treats you with respect and someone who needs to spend the time with you and looks forward to it, rather than just talking about it. Instead of flaking, if this guy valued everything about you and your relationship with him, he'd never leave you's that simple.

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