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Where is this going?! Help

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So there’s this guy I have gotten close to over the last year. I have never had a boyfriend and I’m extremely clueless in the relationship area. He has the reputation of being a player. We somehow became friends (after I overcame my shyness). We have been hanging out since last year and he hasn’t made a move yet. He has a girl roommate who doesn’t like me and without asking him he told me there’s nothing going on with them at all. He invited me to a trip with him and his brother who is also my friend but I didn’t go. He got me gift for Christmas, he said that he just bought it and later thought of me for it. He’ll text me to hang out and we will go weeks without talking again. This last time we hung out he confessed a secret to me because “we’re close and he trusts me” and went on how he’s not proud of that and will change. I do like him and don’t know if he just sees me as a friend or wants to just play with me. Help! What does he want with me and what should I do to make him step it up :) TIA

Where is this going?! Help

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This is definitely a tricky situation. I’ve had a player girlfriend before and let’s just say that it was not fun. I think one of the best things you can do is test him. Ask him a few seemingly vague but actually very specific questions so you can gauge whether he sees you as a friend or a plaything. It may be tough to understand at first, but this should help. If you can tell he thinks that you’re his toy, make sure he knows that you will either not be messed with like that, or (very dishearteningly) stop being his friend. That’s the best advise that I can give.

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