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Literally the krampus to my santa claus

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hey! so... I meet this man, Laszlo through mutual friends and immediately we take a great dislike to each other, we have very few things in common and hate what the other likes but for our friends we agree to be civil and (try to) get along. This goes alright for a while, we also come to hate each other's habits and are often at each other's throats but we also have middle ground and can at the least stand each other. What I never expected however was for Laszlo, when we were alone to flirt with me. I'm flabbergasted and take it as a joke or teasing makes some sense. He is awfully clingy, he always likes to be near me, touching me (hand on shoulder etc) Is it like or hate?!

Literally the krampus to my santa claus

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Sometimes hate can lead people do do things that we may not necessarily understand. Hate is also a very strong word. Mutual dislike is a way to put things, but if it really is that strong, it could very possibly be hate. There is also the possibility that he really does secretly like you, and is just putting on a show to impress your friends. If you don’t like his flirting, maybe tell him that you’re uncomfortable but make sure he understands completely. The situation is in your hands so you get to choose the outcome. I can’t tell if it’s like or hate, but I always think “actions before words”. Hope this helped at least a little!

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