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My husband confuses me

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Past 2 years, we have spl it 3 times because of a third party. January my husband woke up ranting how we don't get on, doesn't want me touching him and moved out. 2 weeks later after arguing with this other person he ended up alone trying to find himself and sort his mind out. 2 weeks ago I invited him round with mutual friends of ours for drinks. He stayed behind. I told him that I hated him because he had hurt me and that as he didn't want me touching him he should leave. He never left and has been with me ever since The affection he shows me these past 2 weeks is more than he ever has in the past 18 years of being together. He doesn't speak to this other woman after their argument when she threw a wobbly that our son was calling him but they are fb friends and socialise in the same pubs and it's killing me thinking he will leave again. These past 2 weeks have been great. He isn't a talker and rather shows how he feels.

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