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Bully neighbour

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Neighbour has assaulted me . He won't back off. Feeling constantly scared to go out as he is always hanging around. Police not helping,talking out of question. Any ideas appreciated ?

Bully neighbour

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You have options, including filing a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights ( or initiating a suit with New York City’s Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development, ( which protects low-income and senior tenants from building code violations like failure to provide heat or address a vermin infestation. “More nuanced issues like noise complaints, while technically in violation of the code, aren’t as clear cut”. As to what constitutes harassment under the law, “You know it when you see it, “there is no bright line, but it is rather based on the totality of the timeline and events. “It also boils down to intent,” So a professional pianist who plays classical music for 12 hours a day would not be considered a nuisance (true story), while a neighbor who is blaring opera music because she knows it drives you nuts arguably could be. If the harassment is really out of hand, you may ultimately have to get the police involved. Even one visit from the cops can be enough to stop the behavior. All the better (sad to say) if the perpetrator has a reputation for harassing other people in the building. Should you file a criminal complaint that leads to an arrest, you as the plaintiff can eventually go to your local police precinct and request a Criminal court order of protection, ( Compelling the defendant to stay away from you and your apartment for a stated period of time (generally one year). “People think this order is an immediate solution but it takes some time and effort to reach that point,” Assuming the District Attorney’s office decides to pursue the case in trial (it’s not a given), the case can take months to wind through the system, and there's no guarantee that the order will be granted. In the meantime, the person might be living right next to you or in the same building, and there’s nothing you can do about that. “At least the order gives you a shield in case there’s a violation,” Meaning if you call the police, they will clearly take your side rather than chalk it up to just another neighbor dispute. That’s saying something.

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