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Confusing behavior

My wife and I have been married for close to 20 years and have had a good relationship all around. A few weeks ago my wife went away for a girls weekend with some friends and got drunk at the bar where they were staying. She ended up exposing her breasts (bra only) to a few men that they were with at the bar that night as she told me about the encounter once she returned from her trip . Nothing happened beyond this just want to point that out because I confirmed it with a trusted source. She also told me about it and really did not have to because I would have never known but I appreciate her honesty about it. I was surprised because she does not usually engage in this type of behavior. Nothing escalated beyond this but I was a little upset, more so about her safety and well being than anything else. My argument was that leaving yourself in this type of position can lead to potentially bad things, especially around strangers. She likes to drink in social settings and I am just concerned that this type of behavior can lead to problems down the road. She was very understanding about my concerns and understood why I was upset. When I asked her why she did it she said she was drunk and I hate the sorry I was drunk excuse. I may be overreacting but was looking for some advice and not sure if this may have happened to anyone else. I think I handled it well but there are always those concerns in the back of your head. How would you have reacted if this happened to you? Thanks for your time!

Confusing behavior

Hi Clark16: Yes, I can understand you being confused with this behavior. Let's see if we can provide some explanation for this. To be clear, I do not know your wife like you do, so I can only speculate. We all know alcohol can lower inhibitions. This may be the best explanation and the most rational and it may be best to stop there. However, if you want to look at other potential reasons, it could become alarming, threatening, and even disturbing. If I was to give advise (I usually don't because I'm often wrong), I would accept her explanation and apology, monitor her drinking for her own safety (as you have already observed), and maybe, maybe try some role playing to reduce any future needs to be "playful" with others. I'm just saying.

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