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Arsonist's lullabye

My name is Alicia, I am 32 years old. I dont have much to show for my life's accomplishments. I was convicted of a felony charge 8 years ago and am currently drawing an SSI check. It doesnt pay much, just my car insurance. I am currently stuck living with a man i want to leave. I cant leave because he's the only shelter and support ive got. He is mean to me, controlling, and unloving, but i tolerate it. I am on medication for depression and disability. I am also a drug addict. I wish not to be. Right now it's just what life has to offer. I prostitute myself to support my drug habit. I know this is bad and i am playing with fire. If i were to get caught, it would be the end of the world for me. My life is risky, but it also makes it exciting. I guess i am addicted to playing with fire. I really want to move out and get my own apartment but i need to be able to host and see guys in order to make money. i have no other choice, really. i intend on upholding this profession for as long as i can. I see no way out and no escape. Any advice? How to apply for HUD housing? Please be on my side when advising me. Thanks.

Arsonist's lullabye

I would recommend finding a treatment center/govt shelter. Where they can help you with your problems.

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