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Is this acceptable in a relationship?

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So a man comes into your shop that works next door, you see him most days because obviously you work next door to each other. So you are civil with each other and say hi etc. So he comes into your shop and says that after his tattoo has healed he wants to go on a sunbed, and doesn't know which cream is best so you just recommend the most popular one. Then the following day you end up researching into all the creams you sell and end up coming across one is really good for tattoos as it stops them fading but you only have one bottle left. So you message the man on Instagram saying the following: Hey, I was doing some research into the creams we sell at xxxx and found one that is really good for tattoos as it stops them from fading. We have one bottle left so just thought I'd let you know He replies: "thank you xx" so you like the message as he said thank you. Then one a separate occasion he is playing music near your house do to him training someone in the field and you reply to his story asking him to turn the music up because it saves you putting your own music on (because if you put your own music on it would clash with his). Please can someone tell me if this is completely out of order if your in a relationship or if it is completely innocent. In my eyes there is no flirting, no trying to start a conversation. Just simply telling the potential customer information and then asking for the volume to be turned up.

Is this acceptable in a relationship?

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No, whether you're in a relationship or not, it's not out of order unless the person viewing it has reasons to perceive it otherwise. In that case, that possibly insecure person would be looking for anything to justify their opinions and would twist your innocent interaction with this guy into something else.

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