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So very confused

I have been freinds with a guy for 5 yrs we txt often almost every day the chat between us is always civil now and again he will flirt in txt with me .. we normally meet every few weeks for a coffee and I have slept with him only once ...I'm so confused on our coffee dates he has passionately kissed me and I am tryingbto work out what this means if anything I don't know if he wants to engage in a full on relationship or not ... I am totally in love with him and I want to be with him but not sure if he wants the same should I just come out and ask him or say nothing

So very confused

Five years? And this relationship has not progressed further? He is either not free to have a full relationship with you ( married? Has a gf?) Or He is happy seeing you sporadically and this could go on forever. Decide if this is what you want.

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