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Part one of many

hello there interested reader. Let me introduce myself. My name is..well that's not important now is it. I guess you can call me ..erm.. Jeff. Yes Jeff that's a fine name. Anyway, I am a mid twenties, caucasian, male, living in a certain large city smack-dab in the middle of the bible belt that rhymes with "cansas kity". Let me explain something, I DO NOT BELONG HERE. I am from the east coast. New York to be specific. I am a New Yorker (spits) excuse me. How I came to live here is a saga in itself but for this first installment into my embarrassing life lets just stick to the meaty stuff right? All you really need to know about me for now is that I work overnights and so does my girlfriend. -The "meaty stuff"- So today I was sick. Not very sick. Actually to be honest I think may have just been tired. Tired of being tired, and sober. So me being me I decided to take an Ambien. (sleeping naturally is overrated) Lying down next to my girlfriend in bed, the dark smokey tendrils of pharmaceutical induced coma start to tug at my senses. This is good. I think I am smiling at this point. The time is 9:05 am. Little did I know that a simple dog fart was about to send my day careening into a 12 round, bare knuckle, shit fest worth of embarrassment and dumb, drunken decisions. Oh yeah, I have a dog. He is alright. For a dog. stay tuned for the rest of part one....

Part one of many

Are you trying to reach out? Do you need help and don't know how to ask? Let me tell you it's easy. Trot off to aa or na. See what it's like. If nothing else you will enjoy the stories.

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