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Am I overthinking my relationship?

My boyfriend and I have recently just started dating. The issue lies in the fact we’re both going to different high schools, and I’m worried he might replace me or eventually just forget me. I’m not as fearful for his loyalty given he has been on the receiving end of a cheater, but what if another girl captivates him in the same way I did? And what if He becomes tired of me? I rarely see him as is, and I’m afraid for him to just ghost me. I feel he has the same concerns, but not as strongly as I do. It’s our first year of Highschool as well which makes it even worse, because these are the girls and boys he will be graduating with and not me. I’m just terrified to be forgotten and for him to choose another girl he sees daily over me. I may be paranoid but should I bring up these concerns to him? I feel it’s inevitable at this point and that hurts even more. What if he becomes tired of me and was only in it for the chase of getting me? And soon he’ll find another crush and chase her at school?

Am I overthinking my relationship?

Well, you are working yourself into a tizzy!! Relax. Trust is needed on both sides but, first, have both of you come to an agreement to be “ exclusive”? LD relationships are hard to maintain. You, too, are going to be exposed to a lot of other guys. Do you think he’s as anxious as you are,?

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