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Marriage is hard

Been together 11 years, married for 5. Two kids together, plus one from him with a dysfunctional baby mama past. Never went on our honeymoon- or any vacation really other than tent camping. He works a lot…. I see him maybe two hours in the evenings before I fall asleep and on Sundays. I miss him all day and feel sad and loneliness, when he comes home I display resentfulness which cause a mountain of altercation. I’m really good at ruining an evening in under 10 minutes, I amaze myself. I can see if happening before he even gets home. The little time we do spend together is in front of screens, yay. I want so deeply to date my husband and adventure together again. I fear it will never happen, he has to work. And who do I complain to, him? Lol what a mistake!! Complain to my mom, so she feels bad too? Bother my friend who has her own struggles to manage? No, stuff it back down- you’re being a spoiled brat. Just keep saying you’re okay, this too shall pass- I think.

Marriage is hard

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Why does he “ work so hard” and so long. Are you working? It seems you are expressing your needs but not in the right way. ( He might call it bitchin’) How about considering counseling so you can express yourself without it ending up in a fight? Please don’t let this build up any more! It’s not fair to you and he may not be happy either with how things are.

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