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Something feels so off.... Or is he right it's all in my head

Hello, I'm in such desperate need of honest input, as the last few months I feel overwhelmed with suspicion and the fear I'm becoming delusional. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years all in all he's a good guy he works hard and is a pretty good provider. However lately something feels really off. He seems very detached as if our relationship is the furthest thing from his interest I of course try and talk to him to see if there's a problem but I always get the same responses "No" "nothing's wrong" and "your trippen. Let me start off with saying that I think my boyfriend is a porn/sex addict. My boyfriend began spending an awful lot of time in the bathroom with his phone always saying he was having stomach issues at first I thought nothing of it, but then the trips to the bathroom became hard not to view as WTF. He would come home from work and not even say 5 words to me and straight to the bathroom he would go for his shower ok that's understandable but his shower times went from 30 min to now almost 2 hours and then he's in and out of the bathroom through out the evenings multiple times for an hour or more, I've found home made masturbation toys stuffed under the cabinets and I found out he's on live sex cam sites watching cam girls. He doesn't know I know but I do. I don't have a problem with porn I just have a problem that he feels the need to hide it and that he spends more time watching cam girls than showing interest in me. It's gotten to the point where if I'm up late he passes out and goes to sleep but on the nights I'm in bed early he has the energy to stay up and be in the bathroom all night, which is hurtful So the last month and a half or so he has suddenly been coming home 2 2 1/2 hours late from work he always has an excuse he tries saying it's basically his new schedule but on days where I have the car and have to pick him up from work he magically is off right at 5pm. Last week it was 7:39 and he still wasn't home when I called him he said he was still at work (now mind you his job closes at 5pm) and he would be home soon. Well on Tuesday I found a receipt in the car where he made a purchase at 5:30pm. So when I asked him calmly where he was on Friday after work he practically bit my head off told me not to question where he is and don't accuse him of lying. I didn't tell him I found the receipt I wanted to see what he would say just by me asking. So I don't know if I'm making to much of things or if I'm right and he's hiding something. I just moved to a new town so I don't really have any one to talk to and I just really need some advice

Something feels so off.... Or is he right it's all in my head

Sounds to me like he is hiding something. Possibly having an affair. It also sounds like he is becoming increasingly aggressive towards your queries, and may become abusive. Honestly? I'd say to get out.

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