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Lack of respect and understanding in relationship

Hii,I have been married for an year now.Things look fine sometimes and sometimes not. My husband belongs to a practising conservative muslim family and I am too,And no cultural differences. ,post marriage , we are in a different city and not staying with the family . Now my issue starts here: My husband doesnt seem to appreciate any of my efforts.,my thinking.,my outfits which are mostly western wears and hence my looks ofcourse..And sometime mentions that I need to put more revealing clothes..His way of thinking sometimes are very conservative and doesnot go well with me wearing something I am not comfortable I am a bit confused as he judges me every time I do something.Talking didnt help much becuase he ksut ignores what I say

Lack of respect and understanding in relationship

Need more info. Does he want you to wear more revealing outfits in public or just around the house? Also, just an observation here and I could be wrong as I do not have a firm understanding of the Muslim religion. But isn't the husband the head of the household, while the wife is supposed to follow his lead?

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