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My boyfriend talks about his ex too much

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Relationship advice My boyfriend is always bringing up his ex in our conversations. He knows he shouldn't be doing it (he often starts a conversation with "I know I shouldn't be talking about this..."), but he still does.

We've been together 7 months. They were together 2 years (but knew each other longer). She was a lot older than him & they had to keep their relationship a secret. He's told me that he loves the normalcy of our relationship...we've done so much normal stuff that he & she couldn't...

He's always showing affection, both in private & in public. He has introduced me to the important people in his life ~ both his family & friends. We go to parties together & hang out with friends. We've got an ever growing bucketlist, which we are ticking things off. He sends me good morning & good night texts, plus up to 50 texts a day if we're not together. He writes sweet posts on my Facebook wall for everyone to see. I dont boss him around or expect him to put me up on a she did. He had to change for her, become someone he wasn't. When we got together, the old him started to return, which is why he's now reunited with his friends & socializing more. She cut him off from the things he loved doing. She let him fall in love with her, even though she knew it was never going to work out in the long-run. She was the one who sent him a text message saying "It's over. It's too hard." And broke his heart in the process.

We got together about 5 months after their break up & met through a mutual friend.

He often tells me that he talks about her to PROVE to himself that he IS over her.

My boyfriend talks about his ex too much

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Hey SLM4355~

I can see how he'd still go on and on about his ex, but just let him be able to speak about this to you openly and freely.

Think about it -- would it make you feel better if he talked about this with a friend instead? I don't think so. You may not like to hear about what he has to say about his ex, but you also get the privilege of knowing what he's been thinking and feeling about it, and that's him putting his trust in you to not judge him and accept his past. Honestly, my boyfriend did the same for a while, only, I didn't provide him the proper emotional support he needed to get over her better, and I regret that -- if only I knew better. But if you're going to be with this guy anyway, just appreciate what he has to share with you, even if it may hurt you a little or make you feel uncomfortable. I'd just be glad he's honest. :3

You're in a solid relationship, he showers you with plenty amount of affection and he's changed and learned better from his past relationship.

If he still wanted to be with her, he'd leave you and be with her again, but no -- he's with YOU. He chose YOU. So let him be him and allow him to heal, as well as be with you at the same time.

He really needs your support, and perhaps he'll love you even more for doing this for him in the future.

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