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Relationship problems

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Hey everyone! So I have some problems with me and my "gf" relationship. I really like this girl and she likes me (We both admitted to each other over snap), once I asked her if she sees me as her bf and she asked if I saw her as my gf and I said yes and I quote she said "Oh, then I see you as my bf". She's a very open and friendly girl and has a lot of friends. However one of my friends asked her if she is dating anyone and she said no (Btw, this was after I asked if she sees me as her bf). When I heard about this I was confused a little, are we really dating or is she cheating on me or something else. Key things to know: She does get flirty sometimes with me I catch her staring at me quite often We don't rly talk at school She talks to this one boy a lot (I'm no sure what there connection is but as I said she's really friendly and open but idk) That's all, thanks for the help and feel free to ask follow questions! Lukas Ps. All help/advice will truly mean the world to me

Relationship problems

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Sounds like you're not actually dating to me. Just boy/girl awkward flirting and poor communicating. Don't consider yourself to be dating. Heck, you guys barely even talk in person and you go to the same school. Put it out of your mind and move on.

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