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Should I contact my ex boyfriend that I broke up with or leave him alone?

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Okay so here is my crazy "relationship" story but let's cut it to short because it is to long. Well I'm 19 my ex boyfriend Is 31 actually found out after a month of us being together! Well my ex has always been someone I wanted, show me affection, pick me up to spend time with me, took me out to eat every weekend and even bought me stuff. BUT something was up.. I seen how something was a little wrong. He would always want to spend time everyday Monday through Sunday and if one day I said I can't hang out he would get mad at me (even if it was with family) he would get mad if I just took a quick glimpse at a guy, he would say I was so affectionate as he was when I should him soooo much affection. So in a month her broke up with me 3 times.. Why? Idk but I always use to chase him back. Until 3 weeks ago I ended it with him so he can understand why he's being like this with me. I decided to contact him after a week to see if he wanted to talk an he said if its about us right now is not a good time he doesn't want to be in a relationship and even told me to not call him no more.. But why dose he still have my pictures up on his instagram when I know he still uses it because he updates it every week. What should I do? Should I let him be? Or should I show him I want him back? I'm so confused.. ;(

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