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Finding myself losing respect, feelings and no longer wanting to be in this marriage

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I am a mother of 4 children teens to 23. I had been divorced for approx 10yrs. I work FT, own a home and I guess you would call my family somewhat normal. We do the school sports, yard work, cleaning, homework, cookout with friends..etc and I have an involved ex in my childrens lives. My problem and where I need advice and help. I am in love but finding myself starting to get irritated and just not wanting to be around my husband. We have been married not even a year. He moved into the house with the kids and I from his home (he has no children) and we are currently trying to sell his home. Here is my problem he does hardly anything around the house all he does is work and sleep. I do all the yard work all the cleaning, trash, recycleables etc. Also, how should bills go when he lives here which has been a year now and he just put his house on the market due to his laziness, which was suppose to be on the market April 2011. He makes triple what I make and just looking for fairness here. I am not feeling respected. I feel used as if he has a hotel just to come and go.

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