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Feel lonely

- Sep 18 2012 at 23:48
Member since: Sep 2012
Emotional advice i am a 23 years old indian male and I have never been in a relationship of any sort.

Throughout high school up until now I have always been rejected by girls, sometimes harshly and insultingly.

It got to the point where i joined a dating site, something i thought i would never do and its the same thing on the website, keep getting rejections. I noticed a pattern emerging where the girl and i would start chatting and then it got to the point of adding each other on facebook and soon after that they would stop talking to me and ignore me. The only logical conclusion to this is that they found me ugly. I feel really ugly because they enjoyed my company prior to the exchange of facebooks so are my looks that off putting?

Now this keeps happening, its happened around a dozen times. Either i get rejected straight away or it happens like how i described above. It is hurting my self esteem and confidence as well as my feelings. Is there something that wrong with me?

I have an amazing family and I have a huge belief in God. Although I do not follow a specific religion I pray twice a day, however, despite all that I still feel lonely and it seems like its not enough whereas i think its more than enough. I do not have many friends, none at all really, apart from the ones i play football with but they are more like acquaintances.

I recently completed my university studies and i am looking for a graduate job but it seems like no matter how much success I get career wise, I will still feel this emptiness inside me.

Anyway i dont expect a solution but some feedback and a different perspective would be appreciated.

Have a nice evenings, friends.


Feel lonely

- Sep 19 2012 at 00:26
Member since: Sep 2012
Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling so low and you've had these bad experiences.

Maybe you need to consider who you're talking to, are these girls looking for a relationship or a fling or arm candy? You might be talking to the wrong kind of girl.

A lot of people on dating sites are flaky so maybe they are chickening out before you can meet which would mean it's nothing to do with you.

Maybe next time you could skip adding on Facebook and be brave, exchange a few messages and then meet. Put a range of pictures on your dating profile so the girls know what you look like, you need to be totally up front when it comes to dating sites.

Don't start to get insecure about your looks, you'll never find someone if you don't work on your self confidence.

Good luck, Dana

Feel lonely

- Sep 19 2012 at 00:38
Member since: Sep 2012
Thankyou for your response Dana,

As I am looking for a relationship, the girls on the website that I choose to chat with are ones who have also stated on their profile that they are looking for a relationship. So according to profile i think i am looking at the right girls.

I agree with your point that I should not get insecure about my looks, even though it is hard not too considering my history but I will try my best to keep a positive head.

I do have a some pictures on the website as well and I have a very informative and descriptive profile which is honestly written describing the type of person I am and what i am looking for.

On two occasions I was close to meeting up but it did not work out due to various reasons.

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it.


Feel lonely

- Sep 22 2012 at 05:56
Member since: Sep 2012

ok.first thing is first. you need to know-you are not are very handsome,good looking and can woo any girl you want,you are that good.

if a girl reject you, its her loss,not yours.

i am an indian and so i know that how its here.people go crazy for fair people right? trust me, i have been through the same times because of my dark skin.its not that i have been rejected many times, but i have never had a relationship. this used to bother me earlier, but not now.

you see, if you dont love yourself, how do you expect others to love you.?you believe in god right, then know this fact-god's plans for us are far better than the plans we make for him.

i can give you an advise to develop your personality.i am not that beautiful, but ever since i developed my personalit, i often get complements from guys who would just look past me earlier. also,check if your dressing sense is good as its a major factor when it comes to attracting girls.

one thing you must know is that you have to let go of this negativity filled inside you. and to be honest, your approach on life is not correct, by saying that you are ugly, you are just making things worse.

i will suggest you read "the secret" by rhonda byrne or watch the film of the same name. i am confident that it can give you whatever you want, including the girl of your dreams. just see the movie once,it can be life transforming,it really changed my life..

lastly, stop being or acting so depressed. dont do things like joining dating sites or using fb.true love doesnot come this needs only your heart and not such stupid sites.believe that the right girl is coming in your life bringing all the love that you deserve.have faith that god has already created an angel for you who can enter your life any time.

wish you all the love and happiness that you deserve..:)

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