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After 6 years we are on a break

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We have been dating for 6 years now, and now we are on a break. About 6 months ago we had a talk because she got word that I was going to ask for her hand in marriage. She told me then that she was not ready and then she has always wanted to travel before she got married. This crushed me because I just finished school, paid off the rings, and got a great career. Ever since I was a little kid i always thought of having my own family with a wife and kids. So 4 weeks ago we had another talk 2 weeks into me going back to school to better our (mine and hers) lives in the future, she tells me she thinks we need to go on a break to figure out what we both want in life, in a career, and to make ourselves happy. But she still wanted to talk and see me sometimes during the break. She sai that i dont talk to her anymore or enough and that im emotionally unavailable. Which i thought things were going better since I had the summer off from school. Then a week ago I asked for her hand, and she told me she wasnt ready an not right now. Then I mentioned that we should move in together so we can spend more time together and talk more. But she doesnt want that because it wont make getting married that special. I feel like ive given all my love to her for the last 6 years and its not enough and never will be enough. I dont know if i want to wait around, i want to start and get a family going but i havent and will not make her do something she doesnt want to. So i jist dont know what to do. My family has always said "shit or get off the pot," am i in the wrong if i mpved on? I love her more than life itself. I even asked her what if we were a perfect couple would you get married now? And she still said no. I just dont lnow what to do or think or anything. Thank you for your time.

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