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Lost in lalalalala world

I need advice I want my name unknown. Ok So I am in kinda rough situation I met a guy online which aint to bad I guess. We been talking for a lil over a month we live in the same city but because I dont have my own everything we havnet been able to see each other the other day he said he wants to be in a relationship with me which is fine because I really like him a lot I think he like me just as much but my problem is I cant tell. He say he understand what I am going through but everyday or every other day he gets mad cuz he can see me or because I get mad cuz he wont answer the phone. His new thing now is I can have a chick over here rite now and that hurts my feelings because I really like him we have connected so well.He say he is real seriosu about us we talk about the futrue kids living together real deep stuff. Even personal stuff nobody knows but God I just get an unreal vibe form him at times. I really hope someone can help me cuz I am all the way into this man. I am just scared this is all a game to him because we plan to spend time together this weekend but I am just worried he aint for real by how he acts towards me at times he is always mad and tunes me out when I talk to him what should I do?

Lost in lalalalala world

this guy is really acting badly and sorry to say, rudely. no guy should say that they can have a chick right now etc. that's very rude and definitely hurting. its hard to say whats in his mind. it could be out of desperation to meet you, or maybe the fact that he is not serious or ready for a commitment. you should ask him straight forward whats in his mind and if he is serious for a relationship. tell him that you feel bad when he says rude stuff. he will stop saying that once he knows that he is hurting you. you have to trust your instincts and judge him on what you know of him. if you are ready for a relationship then you must ask him to be more patient and soft when he talks to you. tell hi frankly not to get mad at you for small issues. if he loves you as much as you love him, then i am sure he will understand you and be a bit gentler and change his attitude.. all the best..:):)

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