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Why won't he return my stuff or respond to my messages

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Relationship advice I met this guy online in August and after chatting for about 5 weeks decided we liked each other and he even stated that he would like for us to date exclusively and decided to meet. We chatted everyday several times a day and called each other. One week prior to our date I began wondering if he was really serious as he was saying that he really likes me even though we haven't met. This made me curios and had me girlfriend chat him (without him knowing) and guess what he chatted her back even gave her his number and asked for her BB pin. She gave him mine as I had just bought a Blackberry that day and when he figured out I was unto him (by seeing my pic when I added him) he immediately called me apologizing and begging me to forgive him and that he doesn't want to lose me, asking me to give him a chance and that he is worth it and would never disappoint me again. Well I eventually gave him a second chance and we did go on our date. It was really nice. I met a few of his closest friends that day and some of their wives. He was really affectionate and caring and we kissed several times during our date. When he got home he called me to say that he has fallen in love with me and we decided to be exclusive.

We chatted and BB text each other every day after for two weeks and things were going great only that during that time he would indicate that he would love to make love to me and I indicated that I think its to early. However towards the end of the second week after our date the text and call decreased he said that things were "super busy" at work. When I did not hear from him an entire day that night I bbm him and he said he was sick and I became suspicious. So I created a fake profile using a pic of one of my gfs and started chatting him to my shock he chatted "me" back sent me his number and even invited "the fake me" to an event the next day. I became sick and told him I knew he wasn't single and that he was dating my cousin ( I lied) which is supposed to be me and he immediately deleted his entire profile off the site.

Since then he hasn't returned any of my calls BB messages or texts. and its been a week now. I left a favourite jacket in his car and texted him asking for him to return it as my 9 yr old son had purchased it for me as a birthday gift. He hasn't deleted me off his BB or whats app even though he deleted his profile from the site, so I don't know what to think. Was he just after the sex. I am really confused. If he doesn't want to contact me or I him why not just delete me as a contact rather than just ignore or not read my messages. My friends say give him space as he may be embarassed but even though I am hurt by what he did I really don't want to loose this jacket to him. Should I also even try to meet up with him and get my jacket back or should I leave it alone and move on completely.

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