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on Oct 3 2012 at 06:13
Member since: 03 October 2012
Relationship advice I've recently started having an affair with a man. At first I was unaware that he was married, but now that I know I'm confused on what to do. I just need some advice of any sort. Am I a bad person even if I didn't know at first?
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on Oct 7 2012 at 08:22
Member since: 07 October 2012
now u know that he is a married just leave him..don't spoil 3ppls life and 2 families..he might tell u dat he loves u more dan his wife..but what is wrong is wrong..u r not a bad u did not knew anything..LEAVE HIM! coz since he is married now he is settled..he can leave u anytime
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on Oct 10 2012 at 17:21
Member since: 10 October 2012
Mam, U did not know. So quit. i have d same problem when i met a man in 1995, he never told me he was married, but i knew one night when he was in my house & a lady knocked my door, i opened d door, she said my husband is in ur house. i was day dreaming but behold this devil of a man said he did not know her. D lady left but just cause i was also a Cop like him , i had d incident investigated & realised dat d lady who came to my house was his -girlfriend & wife was @ home.My dear i was pregnant but i didnt care of any stupid love. i told him not to see me again. I ran away 4rm him as i never wanted to destroy any family & believe God can heal my wound & take care of dat baby. it was later i learned d wife didnt have any child after 12yrs of marriage, yes i felt pity 4 her even though she was 4rm d Voodoo area of Africa. i took care of my baby by myself but unfortunate happened, my baby died @ age 12 after a brief illness of just headache. so my dear run 4 ur life. God will give u ur own @ His own time.
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on Nov 1 2012 at 06:00
Member since: 01 November 2012
I am sorry that you were deceived. Now that you know, it is best to end the relationship. I know it hurts, but imagine how his wife must feel. There are plenty of good SINGLE men around. Do not waste your time with a cheater. He started your relationship off with a lie ... Trust me, there will be more lies to follow if you continue this relationship.

Good luck;)

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on Jun 1 2013 at 16:13
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Your not a bad person, i put a letter on about seeing a married person and i knew he was married and we are having problems. I know i got into it but am beginning to wonder if its worth it. I would say get out now. Unless he leaves his wife its a waste of your life pursuing it believe me. Its will only make you very unhappy and lonely for him all the time. Im sure your sensible, dont waste your time on him if hes going to stay with his wife. Good luck.
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on Jun 2 2013 at 05:20
Member since: 02 June 2013
Im sure it will hurt you to leave him but once you found out he was married everything changed..I was both the mistress and the wife.

And married men always say there is a prob with the wife, then we believe it. But I realized that she was a wonderful mother and wife..I left him b/c I wanted something that would be mine and I deserved better than being the other woman. At the end everyone gets hurt, The mistress for eventually wanting more. The husband when he realizes just how much he loved his wife when it smacks him in the face. And the kids.

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