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What this tattoo means to you?

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Relationship advice Hi, I only need one clear answer:
What does it mean to you: a guy once was in love with a married woman, He was in affair with her for a few months, while as he admited later, he was CRAZY ABOUT HER. Then after a while the woman decides to leave him and stick with her husband. But the guy of our story got stock in that love and went through deep depression. 10 years after that, while he had no more contact with that woman anymore, he tattooed a big picture of her on his arm and a verse of a song that was that woman's favourite song and the guy had been listening to that for the whole 10 years. So, remember he got the tattoo 10 years after the relationship ended!! then less than a year after that he meets a woman on a dating website and they get married. At the begining, the woman never realises about the tattoo, she is from an easter culture and not very much experienced about these type of tattoos. She thinks perhaps is a tattoo of a spritual or music hero or etc. when she finds out about that it is too late and they are very far through the relationship and she already is in love with him. after a year the guy decides to cover up that tattoo with an image of a Ram (his own zodiac sign) .She thinks the more it goes perhaps she can get over it and believe that he loves her more than that woman. But, he never shows her his love the way he did for that ex and the woman could never overcome the feeling of being the second best and it has made her life a nightmare. That feeling reflects in everything in her life. To be able to explain the whole thing and feelings throughly I need to write 100s of pages.
Please just tell me one thing, honestly and not only to calm me down or help with fixing a relationship...... What that tattoo means to you?

Thank you for reading and for your help

A woman

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