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Very confused about the next or final step!?

I met a guy online & we decided to meet. It was OK, then we met again and I brought a girlfriend with me. It wasn't ofcourse a date because we didn't decide that yet, however, I had to leave early, and he stayed with her, took her number and talked ..... I was surprised but I didn't want to confront, so I watched them, and seems they didn't continue talking, so I relaxed. We kept in contact through bbm and calls, he always initiate them, and I find him always busy. He's always sarcastic with me in a terrible way and accuses me of being too sensitive. I am confused if he's only joking or if this reflects not being polite. He's divorced and looks like he lost trust in females and I am also phobic. Once, he called on the spot to meet, first time I was with my girlfriends and turned him down and it made him upset too much. Then recently, I did it again, but I tried to make it up by asking him out the next day and he turned me down by saying he is busy with a meeting. He stopped calling and he replied to my text very late then he texted me that he'll be out of town, so I replied to his text and he didn't open or reply, it's been almost a week. Question is, what do u think about his attitude? was I wrong? was he a jerk? is it over? how should I react?

Very confused about the next or final step!?

Hi. Sorry to tell you this, but he's probably not that much into you. BUT consider it a blessing. It appears (according to what you stated) that he may have trust issues and believe me, you do not want to take on the task of "fixing him." Just don't contact him for awhile and see if he comes around or change or show some interest. If not, move on;) there are so many single and available people out there. Don't waste your time. Good luck ;)

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