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Why is my sis behaving like this with me?

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on Oct 12 2012 at 08:40
Member since: 12 October 2012
Relationship advice this is going to be a long one plz do bare with me you do need to understand everything before you do suggest any course of action.

i have this cousin of mine who has come down 4 work & has been staying with me for 4 years now.

Up till recently i haven't hand any problems with her.

It all started when we had a major misunderstanding between us which we just recently cleared & went back to normal or at least that's what i thought.

she told me that she doesn't talk much , she likes having her space & all.

That's fine with me cause even i am the same.

but that doesn't mean that she doesn't talk to me at all.

What i mean is that she wont initiate an conversation with me.

She will talk to me yes. But only when i start / initiate.

It's always me who has to do so.

she is only like this with me.

as with my parents she will initiate a conversation on her own.

its only with me that she don't initiate a conversation.

I know that she loves me like a bro , cares for me ,etc.

But i don't know...at times it just hurts so much....at times i feel that she is just doing a big show.

I am frustrated & angry but mainly frustrated cause before she used to initiate conversations with me.

I want things to be like before.

1. Why is she acting like this with me ??

2. Should i just ignore her ??

i don't understand i though we were clear.

but its happening again.....its like an hydra....you take one head off 2 others will grow.

3. Why the hell me why can't i be in peace ??

4. Is it only happening to me or even you have gone through this ??

5. She told me if i have a problem with her i should talk to her directly but i don't. why is that ??

Its no use talking to my parents about it or even my other sisters they think its not that serious or anything.

now don say that i should take it easy or that i am overacting or that i am in love with her or anything like that cause i know i am not.

I only want things to be like before.

pls do help.

& plz do reply with the corresponding numbers to my questions.

this is a serious matter....don't joke about it.

i'd give an arm & a leg for things to be like before.

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