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Break up over a job

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My boyfriend and have been together for a year and half. We worked together for 5 months before dating. Our boss was like a brother and allowed us to date and work together. The job was a bar and I was the bartender and at times he would get jealous of regulars hugging me etc part of the job. Everyone has fights but our boss would help us get back talking. It really was good job working for someone who was like family. My boyfriend and I took vacation July first and returned back on the 8th. I had money saved with my boss to go on vacation that I took when I left. When we returned our boss called my boyfriend to meet with him. He wanted to give him something is what was said to me. When he got back I was told I had been fired that Wednesday while on vacation for being "rude" to a customer. I worked from October 2008 to July 2012 at this place. A year and half dating my boyfriend. So I'm fired 3rd person for being rude not stealing to showing up etc and I know who complained and was all explained as it happened to my boss. He said it was his partner who fired me because the complaint got back to him the partner who is not at all participate in any thing but financial partnership. I am devastated by this because I was not expecting this in a million years nor was I financialy ready as I just got back from vacation. Everyone that knows me as a regular there are completely shocked. All that has been 3 months I have not gotten a phone call nothing. My big problem now is my boyfriend is still working there. He cooks works Tuesday - Sunday $12 hr really gets busy on weekends sits around a week days its slower he told me he did not to work there when it first happened for what they did to me. Now its he can't leave the job be size its an easy job and he can not and will not work if its hard and less then 10hr. He says he's looked and there's nothing he can do. I have to stop asking him about quiting and deal with it he's not quiting. I can not bring my self to think I have to accept him not quiting and am so torn as what to do. Do I lower my self and accept this when I think I shouldn't have to, get over it I'm over reacting or run for the hills because I'm never get anything from him worth my time. I am a good girl friend he tells me he knows I love him he trust me to not cheat that he's lucky to have me but now he's telling me he's tired of me because I won't let this go. From me getting fired he promised me he would quit now its if he finds the right job but he's basically already told me he's not gonna to.d better them this job working for the people who fired me while on vacation. Help please I'm going crazy sorry if I'm unclear in any of this. I have been crying all day

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