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Scared and depressed and confused

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me and my boyfriend have been going out for 11 months.. my boyfried had a really strong relationship with his ex-girlfriend and it took him time to get over it.during the first month of our relationship he had been thinking of her but he said after that he did not think of her. this girl did broke up with went out with someoneelse and didnt talk to my boyfriend.. now she has broken up with her guy and she added my boyfriend on FB and started talking to him. i felt really uncomfortable.. she wants him to find a guy for her or something. shes 18 and me and my boyfriend are 21.. i was getting really upset about the fact that she was posting on his wall and alll.. my boyfriend assured me that he is never going back to her, then we had a date.. he told while making out with me he started thinking about her. he halfway stopped making out with me. all that broke my heart.. he told me that he felt no connection with me.. he felt that we werent right and all.. he doesnt want to break up. i am devastated.. i told him to back to her.. he said he doesnt have feelings for her and he doesnt want to go back to her... but i am really hurt about what happend during making out.. i cant get close to him ever.. please tell me what i should do.. should i break up with him? should i take a short break? should i stay with him? please god help me.. i am dying every second. please take pity on me and help me

Scared and depressed and confused

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Hi S_K

I hope you're ok and sorry to hear about what happened with your boyfriend. I just came on this site today cz I have been through lots of bad times and hope I could help someone.

I know how sad you feel. I think regardless of the ex, what your boyfriend has said is hurtful about it not feeling right. I think you should try to ask him about what he said, calmly. Ask him if he meant what he said.
If he says anything else like this, as hard as it is you should try to walk away. You deserve someone who feels the same as you. Please don't let a guy mess you around, you're so young with all your life ahead. I know how sad you feel now but from what I know, I promise things will get easier. Surround yourself with friends. A nicer guy will come along who can make you happy.

If you ever want to chat my email is:[e-mail address removed]

Keep smiling :-) x

Scared and depressed and confused

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Make up a fake ex boyfriend.
Send emails to youself. The email content should be similar to the content to which his ex girlfriend sends him.
Now as you said , the content is harmless, but would be interesting to see his reaction to an ex boyfriend emailing you.

Leave the page open on the computer so when he walks past, he reads it.

See what happens.
Be careful with this guy. He has some unfinished business with his ex.
He may still have feelings for her. Be careful you don't become the rebound. He should have stopped the second he felt it bothered you.
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