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More of a boyfriend issue

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I honestly don't know what to do. My boyfriend suggested that we should go on a break until Spring because he needs to get his grades up to wrestle and he thinks even after he gets them up we won't get to see each other (he told me this over text). I wasn't happy with what he said and tried to contact him but he didn't answer or call me back till I texted him begging for him to call me back. We talked little. It was more me crying and him crying because he couldn't handle me crying. So it was just a big mess of a phone call. We decided to stay together and work together to get his grades up and try our hardest to see each other while we are both juggle sports and school work. I really believe that we can do this. The only problem is that he seems like he is changing but not in a good way. He doesn't call or text me like he use to, it's all me and he never waits up for me, I'm always waiting for him. He does little things that get on my nervs-- like SnapChatting a girl in our academy to her boyfriend (that went on for 20 minutes and academy is only 30 minutes long and the other 10 was him copying my Bio homework). I tell him when I'm unhappy but he just gets frustrated and walks away. I am going to hopefully talk to him tonight about this (hoping in person not over the phone) but I don't know if it's time to go on a break that probably won't end up with us back together work things out. I need help.

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