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Very confused, please help me !!

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i started talking to this guy online in Aug. i gave him my number and so we started texting for about a month every day and he finally asked me out to dinner at the end of Aug. we hit it off pretty quick, i am normally a shy girl but someone he got to me fast so it was new to me. we stayed out all night just talking, talking about anything really. it was like we were best friends for years. since that night he took me out to dinner for a straight week, it was really nice b/c i have never had a guy do anything like this for me before so of course i started to like him quickly. after eating dinner we would stand outside just talking all night it was nice to know that i found a guy that i could really be myself with and just hang out. he would text me every single day all day. it was so nice. he took things very slow, he seemed old school. we talked for a month then he asked me out to dinner and went out every night since then for a week and he never made a move to kiss me. so last week i asked him and he told me that he didnt really know what to do b/c he was moving back home in Feb. right after getting out of the military so he didnt want to get to close and comfortable and then hurt me in the end b/c he was going to leave in 4 months. i told him i understood but it was hard b/c i already liked him a lot. he told me he likes me to and thats why he doesnt want to hurt me. in person he seems very genuine and like he really does like me and all and cares about my feelings he doesnt want to see my cry or hurt. well about a week ago he kissed me finally and he kept saying sorry and i told him not to b/c i would think he regretted it or didnt mean it or something but he said it wasnt that it was just that now things are going to get complicated and i knew what he meant. we talked about everything and we both didnt know what to do. well that weekend he stayed the night with me and we ended up having sex, we were drinking but we both knew what was going on. after i felt like crap and easy. he told me not to feel that way b/c i wasnt easy. he wouldnt spend this much time and money on me if he just wanted to get into my pants and i believed him. after that i havent seen him in like two weeks he is military and i know they get busy but the timing and everything is weird to me i guess. i asked him if things were still ok with us and he said yes that if that was all he wanted out of me he wouldnt still call and text me so i left it alone after that. we got into a fight a few days ago about all of this and i just didnt understand what was going on so i told him that if he doesnt want to talk to me anymore then dont just b/c we did it doesnt mean he has to play it off. he said i worry to much and that wasnt the case. i asked what we were and he told me we are casually dating each other trying not to get too serious and i said so this is a no strings attached, date other people kind of thing and he said no and he dosent plan on dating other people either that he is only talking to me. i believed that too. we now he is talking to me less and less everyday so i brought it up again and asked what was up and i said he seems guilty he said he wasnt. now i feel as if i pushed him away b/c i started to seem clingy or whatever and we arent really together. he didnt talk to me all day yesterday so that night i told him i was sorry for being all crappy lately he texted back around noon today saying it was ok and he was short with me i could tell things werent the same anymore. he talked to another girl yesterday instead of me, they started talking a day or two ago from the same site i met him on. so now im confused on whats really going on. if he lied to me about other girls and has been seeing them this whole time b/c he got what he wanted or what. i feel like he really played me well into thinking he really liked me and all. things dont add up. help?

Very confused, please help me !!

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I feel the heaviness in your heart.
I am sorry... Giving you a hug right now... If you feel like crying, cry it out loud..but make sure you are just in your room.

We can't really say what in men's mind. Why he is like this before and things just suddenly changed...

Believe that things happen for a reason and God is preparing us for something better yet to come.

Let him go... If he really like you, he make efforts. Stop communicating with him, keep busy making yourself more beautiful, spend time with family and friends.

Forget about him, but keep the lessons you have learned.

I am on a dating site as well, but keep praying for the right one to come. There are tips you can read so you can look after yourself and we warn if a man is just after for fun.

One last thing, don't invest so much emotions... (But I know this is uncontrollable sometimes) but give time to think things over.. Don't be too driven away with your emotions because its dangerous.

Giving too much emotions can lead you to make wrong decisions... And giving so much of yourself will hurt you more when things don't work the way you are expecting.

Now clear your mind, let of him, he is not the right one for you...

If he tries to come back... Used your head (not your heart) to check if he really deserve to be in your life..

You know what's your worth--- so don't settle for any second best!

God bless. Good luck

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