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Need help fixing my relationship!!!

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hi so here's a little background on me before we get started. im 19 years old im a sophomore in college i work at the airport. im a sweet kind hearted person who is always willing to put others before myself. when it comes to relationships i like a man who is confident, strong, very loveable,a hopeless romantic at times, also have a little of a thug appeal and not too sensitive,and also has a plan for his future that's all. all of my ex boyfriends have either used me, played with my feeling to hurt me, cheated on me, or were just too soft and sensitive for me to be with. (i am a little sensitive but not to a point where im soft) now my boyfriend is 20 he didn't finish high school but did get a g.e.d. currently he is in a technical college and is working in a warehouse but looking for other job offers. he was also looking for the same type of thing that i was looking for in a relationship but to sum it up we both just wanted someone who was
loving,caring,supportive,kind,and just all around considerate and affectionate and DIDN'T CHEAT! but his past was a little different than mine. he had a lot of exes treat him pretty bad as well one of them cheated on him, one showed no affection at all, and another one i think didn't really know how to handle a real relationship. but the one thing they had in common that he liked was THEY ALL HAD SEX WITH HIM WHENEVER HE WANTED WITH NO COMPLAINTS. and that makes me feel bad because im not like that and its hard to change yourself to be that type of person when your personality is nowhere close to that. Ive been with my boyfriend for about two months now and we've been great together and truly have fallen in love with each other. the only problem we have is that pretty much he use to be a "hoe" meaning before he met me he was use to getting sex whenever he wanted it. in fact not to be rude but he even referred to his ex girlfriends as "hoes" or just plain easy to have sex with. and now that he's with me he doesn't get it as much as he is use to. like there are times where i would sleep over his house for like two night and on an average between that time period we have sex at least 5 times. but he's not ok with that. my personality is kinda different i was never really comfortable having sex like he does even when I've dated guys in the past we never really had a lot of sex majority of the time we were just intimate with emotions and affection and that is the kind of person i am. IM NOT A SEX ADDICT LIKE HE IS. to be honest i don't even enjoy sex like that and im not to sure why. Ive never really had a pleasurable orgasm. i mean I've "cum" a couple of times but i get more sexually aroused watching porn then actually doing the real thing and Ive never understood why?(but he doesn't know about that last part) but it bothers him and he wants me to pretty much change myself to fix our relationship because he says that if it doesn't get better he's going to result in cheating or one of us is going to break up with the other, and he doesn't want to do that because he loves me so much and he really wants us to work. also this is one of the best relationships Ive ever had in my life and i don't want to lose it over this and when we throw in the option of him changing he throws in solutions of like "he wont see me for two months so he can work on his self and probably wont be as sexually active with me after that" but it would kill me to not see him for two months. and in his head he feels like he's making all the sacrifices for our relationship and that im not doing anything but i am trying im just not use to dealing with this type of relationship and we both feel like this is leading to a breakup but we don't want that because everything else about us is great. we both care about each other, we love each other, we always support each other, and his mom thinks im the best girlfriend he's ever had. however, this issue is the only thing that's keeping us down and we don't know what to do to save us. like when we first fell in love with each other he really was ready to start a family with me and he wanted a baby soooo bad but at that point i just really wasn't ready for a baby i still wanted to be young and finish school and get started on my career so i could have a steady foundation to support a baby and it took almost forever for him to accept that and change his morals for us. so i guess i can understand what he means about always making sacrifices for us. he also smokes and drinks and i hate it sooo much. he doesn't drink around me but he does smoke around me especially right before he always sees me or comes to pick me up. he feels that if i don't let him have one thing that he gave up that i should just be comfortable with the things he does now and to be honest my soul just can't accept that. so really this whole sex issue is the main thing that's really holding us back from the full potential that this relationship can reach, but we desperately need help to make this work. please help us!

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