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Tired Of Hearing About Not Getting Sex!

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on Nov 20 2012 at 07:59
Member since: 20 November 2012
S-e-x advice I've read about four posts that are on the topic of "I'm not getting enough sex." The problems are all the same- men aren't getting enough sex from their girlfriends and now they don't feel close to their girlfriends and want to bail. This is my own situation: I don't want sex. My boyfriend and I have been together over two years, living together for a year and a half, and we work different schedules. He works Monday-Friday, 6am-3:30pm every week. My schedule changes from week to week. I never work the same schedule twice in a row. This week I will be working Thurs. 7am-3pm, Fri. 3pm-11pm, Sat. 5pm-7am (yes 14 hours), and Sunday 11pm-7am. By the time I have a day off (sort of), I want to sleep. Yes, I want to sleep and cuddle with my boyfriend, but I do not want sex. It bugs the crap out of me that he constantly gripes about he doesn't feel wanted because I'm not all over him when we're together. I've explained ten thousand times that, I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm sick 90% of the time because my body never has time to adjust to a schedule before it changes again. What I would like to do, is come home, relax, have a beer, talk about something OTHER THAN WORK OR SEX, and then go to bed, cuddle up, and fall fast asleep. I want to say half the time it ends up in an awkward night because he starts groping me and I get irritated and tell him to stop, then he gets pissed off at me. Why is it so hard to understand that sometimes, a girl just doesn't want sex because- SHE JUST DOESN'T?? There is no relationship problem. There is no other guy. I don't want sex- that is all. So can anyone tell me why this is an issue?
Tired of hearing about not getting sex!
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on May 1 2013 at 02:43
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You can't blame him for wanting sex. Sure you dont sometimes but if being with him and him desiring you and wanting you is that bad then why are you with him? I see plenty of women on here complaining about lack of sex too. Not just men. So maybe you need to realise that maybe your libidos don't match and you should let him go so the poor man can find someone who actually enjoys sex also. And you can find someone who also can't be botherered, or can't make time in your busy schedual to do the thing that probably got you together in the first place.

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