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Any hope for a long distance relationship?

I've been dating this guy for 22 days now. He is so so cute, and we talk almost everynight on the phone. We ooVoo every day and email when we can't since i dont have a phone. I love him so much, and he says that we are ment for eachother and are soul mates. He's 17. The thing is, he lives in Ohio, and I live 9 Hours away. Last night I was poking around on his facebook and saw a picture of him and a girl..That was just taken and uploaded 2 days ago. Him and her are really close&His arm his around her. So that got me a little curious.. So On the site that we met on i made a fake account of this girl, and i viewed his profile and stuff..Then he messaged me and was like "Hey Beaitful..Whacta up to?" He said that to the fake.. and I was like thinking "okay..?" So i answered &Stuff and then i brought his girlfriend (me) and he told me that he broke up with her..EVen though we are still dating!!!!!!! My birthday is one Tuesday. And I keep asking him to remeber, and he just forgets like nothing. I don't want to hurt him since he really wants to marry me in the furture..But He's a cheater and i don't know what too doooooo. D: Please AdviceE?

Any hope for a long distance relationship?

Dear girl, I think he is playing you. He is only 17 and still very immature. I believe you need to break off with him. It is hard to do but you deserve better girl. You will cry and feel intense hurt but let go. There is someone out there that DESERVES you!!! Be strong.

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