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I need a 3rd party opinion

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This is a pretty long problem/story but i feel as if i am in a rough spot relationship wise, and i need someone's opinion. so here goes nothing... i have a boyfriend named john, he is everything i could ever want and more. my best friend is actually a guy names dan. we are purely platonic and nothing has or ever will happen between us. so last year john and dan got into an argument and did not leave on good terms. but for me, they both tried to play it cool and act civil towards each other. summer came around and i was planning on going on my annual vacation with dan, his family and another friend of ours. john automatically freaked out and said that if i loved him that i would not go to wildwood, and that it was either the trip or him. this put me in the rough spot of picking my friends or my boyfriend and i made myself sick over it. i ended up going on vacation with them and we broke up. everyday after that john would text me wanted me back and how he was sorry about everything. i knew i loved john so when we went back to school we started hanging out again and we almost started dating again. now this school break, i hung out with dan once and he says that he already has a problem with me hanging out with him almost everyday. i do not know what i should do, i just need someone elses opinion on it to help me think. thank you

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