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I had a friend who was my classmate in school for two years. We met a guy online. He became good friends with both of us and used to chat with both of us. He even asked both of us for our phone numbers. This guy and i became very close. I used to share everything with him.One day i came to know that he had met my friend and that they had gone for a movie. A mutual friend told me this. I asked him about it as we used to share everything and did not tell me about this. He said it was just a plan to go for a movie but he did not go as he had some work. I asked my friend about this afterwards. After that she was kind of pissed off. She said i poked my nose in everything to her friend behind my back just because i asked them about the movie thing.
I felt really bad about this and told this guy what she had said.
Later on i confronted her and she said that she said that because i trusted him more nd hence i asked him about the movie thing nd den asked her. I clarified that i did not intentionally ask him first and there was nothing like i did not trust her.
This guy and i soon started dating each other. He meant a lot to me and i loved him a lot too. One day he suddenly said he lost feelings for me. I was shattered. I pleaded him. He said he needed time to figure out. He was taking time but this time was killing me. I was crying,angry,hurt, depressed,frustated. After two days i asked him. He said he wanted us to become friends again. I called him several times after that text. But he refused to talk to me threatening to block me.
He pushed me to the limit and i lost my patience and cursed him. He was offended and blocked me. I apologized but he said "fuck off".
I confided in my friend a week later after this fight. She did not know about our relationship as he had asked me not to tell others about it for the time being. When i told her about it she refused to believe me. She said she knew from a long time back whom he liked and who "likes" whom.
I accused him of double dating and he said he did not double date. u go dating a "good friend" right one day after our breakup? i do not know whether he dumped me for her. I told him to tell her about our relationship and why we had fought. He said he had told her the truth.
He accused me of calling her my friend stating i had blamed her and called her a hypocrite. But i had just told him what i had heard. Nd i had confronted her nd solved this matter with her too. He abused me a lot calling me a disgrace to human..lover and friend.
I feel shattered. I had loved nd trusted him. In the end he did this to me. Nd i was called a bitch whereas i did nothing wrong.


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Trust me when I say this, sweety. YOU. DON'T. NEED. SOMEONE. LIKE . HIM!
First, you did nothing wrong. While reading this, I found nothing wrong with anything you did. Even when you yelled at him. He deserved it for acting like an a**.

You could find someone better. I know that right now, you don't believe it because you want that special someone to be him, but there is someone out there for you, who would love and care deeply for you. Trust me, you have to go through a couple a**h***s to get to Mr. Right. :) I've been through five before I met my husband. I survived them all, you can too, Love.

Let this idiot go. He is not worth fighting for.


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Hey AK1, sorry this is still hurting you. As I have said many times to you, you deserve better and I know there are 1,000 people like XYYO and I who will say it will pass and you will go and find someone deserving of you.
You need to focus on getting past your hurt to move on.
We are all here to help you do this too :)
Hold your head high and be true to yourself, BE HAPPY!

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